by Ryan Dontá



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Drama, problems seem to weigh you down
And all you can think to do is frown
You don't know how you'll make it now
Your job just laid you off, oh wow
No need to worry my God will step in a hurry
All your problems He will carry like the fairytale story
Big Bad Wolf may try to come and blow your house all the way down
God'll be your house of bricks
All you gotta do is smile

Smile, won't you, smile
You know this old world is a great world after all
Smile, won't you, smile
And right away watch all your problems appear small

Things are not as black as they are painted
Time for you and joy to get acquainted
Make life worthwhile
Come on and smile, won't you, smile

Something new everyday tries to take your joy away
You lift you hands and say I give up
I'll just lay down and take it
I can't make it
There's no sense in trying to fake it
But your dawn's about to break
If only you lift of your face and

Smile, won't you, smile
For there is nothing that you cannot overcome
Smile, won't you, smile
And where the clouds appear you soon will find the sun

Life is really only what you make it
Stand right up and show them you can take it
Make life worthwhile
Come on and smile, won't you

Don't you know He'll put a smile on your face
If you let Him, let Him do
Put a smile on your face
If you let Him put a smile
Let Him put a smile on your face
You'll learn how to laugh again when you learn how to smile again
You can learn how to live again


released November 22, 2012
Produced by Ryan Dontá



all rights reserved


Ryan Dontá Chesapeake, Virginia

Ryan Dontá was born into a musical family. The church is where he was first exposed to music. He sang in the church choir and was given opportunities to lead solos at a young age. At age 10, he began taking piano lessons and by age 13, he was, playing in worship services. Ryan has performed in school assemblies, local talent shows, community fairs, churches, and school plays. ... more

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